The impact of our environment on our wellbeing

As Albert Einstein once said “The field is the sole influence of the particle”. 

The human body is almost entirely made up of particles - in fact 99% of our body is made up of atoms of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

So thinking back to Einstein, what is the field that impacts or influences us if we are essentially made of particles?

Well, if we first look externally, our environment is the most obvious ‘field’ which impacts us. Where we live, the weather, our relationships and our job are all factors that impact our lives. While this may seem obvious, have you considered that the influence of these factors may also permeate within you impacting at a particle (cellular) level?

If we now look internally, what is the ‘field’ that impacts us? Well, probably the most important factor is our thoughts, and the role our mind plays in our lives. This is not just the decisions we make, but how the field created by our thoughts impacts us at a cellular level.

So what are you doing in your life to better understand and even manage the impact that these fields (our external environment and internal thoughts) have on us? 

It’s extremely important to have access to the right tools and strategies to better control and manage the impact of these fields on our wellbeing. This is a key reason why Iswara has designed the programs it has, to help support you in dealing with the challenges we are surrounded with on a daily basis.

So start observing the internal and external fields that surround you and put into practice these tools and strategies so you can start living the life you wish to.


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