About Iswara

The literal translation of Iswara is the light within a human being, an individual's true potential.


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Following an extensive background in clinical hypnosis, wellness mentoring and behavioural ecology, Iswara was developed in 2016 by Anita Levitt and Sonia Lancaster with the aim of positively impacting and transforming an individual’s life to improve their wellbeing. 

Due to their own unique personal and professional experiences, Anita and Sonia understand that each and everyone one of us has what it takes to live a fulfilled and meaningful life – but we often don’t know how to unlock our potential in order to actually do this. 

Iswara’s mission is to empower and equip you with the knowledge, skills, tools and support required to positively transform your life, which will naturally enhance the lives of those around you.

Iswara believes that together we are stronger and that our work will help create a caring and supportive global community.

Anita Levitt

… I have found the answers to my life, to suffering and how to triumph over it. This is my legacy, and it’s what I share with others.

Anita’s personal journey is what led to her discovery of ‘self-mastery’ – the practice of mastering thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions. Influenced by meditation, mindfulness, and attunement, Anita was able to take the steps to become a clinical hypnotherapist, resilience coach and mentor.

For the past two decades, Anita has been sharing her principles, practices and experience to help others. Supporting them to find calm, peace and a more positive growth mindset in order for them to clearly see their value, inside and out.

Sonia Lancaster

Much like whales and birds, we too are affected by our environment. We can achieve so much more in life if we can learn ways to move past our limiting environmental patterns.

The co-founder of Iswara, Sonia’s aim is to translate her learnings as a behavioural ecologist and lifelong meditation and eastern science practitioner, to empowering others to achieve their absolute potential in life.

Working as a behavioural ecologist for over 10 years, Sonia’s expertise lies in using her strong observational and deductive skills. Her innate ability to draw parallels between animals and humans has been inviting to those clients that are looking to break old patterns.