Our Mission

To enhance the way that people interact with the world by harnessing the power of their mind.


We do this by applying over 30 years of combined experience in science, positive psychology, meditation, qigong, mindfulness, clinical hypnotherapy and wellness mentoring.

Following an extensive background in clinical hypnosis, wellness mentoring and behavioural ecology, Iswara was developed in 2016 by Anita Levitt and Sonia Lancaster with the aim of positively impacting and transforming an individual’s life to improve their wellbeing. 

Due to their own unique personal and professional experiences, Anita and Sonia understand that each and everyone one of us has what it takes to live a fulfilled and meaningful life – but we often don’t know how to unlock our potential in order to actually do this. 

Meet The Team

Anita Levitt

Co-Founder / Principal Therapist

Anita’s personal journey and deep interest in meditation and mindfulness since a young age is what led her to ‘self-mastery’ - the mastery of the mind, thoughts, emotions, actions and reactions.

As a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, meditational therapist and strategic intervention coach, Anita has been sharing her principles, practices and experience with thousands of people over the past three decades.

Anita is passionate about helping people build a strong level of mental fitness to become more resilient and be able to leverage the power of the mind.

Sonia Lancaster

Co-Founder / Director - Research and Development

Sonia began her career as a researcher in the fields of behaviour and ecology, working around the globe in Hawaii, Alaska and mainland USA before returning to her home in Australia.

Having completed her Masters in Applied Positive Psychology, and as a lifelong meditation practitioner, Sonia heads up the Research team in the development of Iswara’s wellbeing programs.

Following Sonia’s latest research project with Central Queensland University in 2022 to validate the effectiveness of Iswara’s programs, Sonia is driven to ensuring that Iswara’s programs remain contemporary and effective for clients.

Jamie Levitt

Director - Strategy and Operations

Jamie started his career in financial services in the early 1990’s before qualifying as a Fellow of the Institute of Actuaries in 2008. Following client consulting and senior management roles in employee benefits, Jamie pursued building his own businesses along with other entrepreneurial minds dedicating part of his time to consulting to many small through to large multi-national corporates.

Using his corporate experience, alongside his dedication to the martial arts for the past 30 years where he holds two black belts, Jamie combines his business and martial arts experience to help organisations and leaders develop and implement strategies to optimise mental performance.

Matt Balaam


Matt provides technology support for Iswara from its day-to-day operations through to the underlying platform supporting Iswara’s programs. Matt’s professional, enthusiastic and responsive support ensures Iswara can focus on its clients and the development of programs leveraging Matt’s 20 plus years experience in the IT industry. 

Khyle Levitt

Research Associate

Khyle is a key member of Iswara’s research team where he is committed to sourcing the best possible research in support of developing Iswara’s programs. He has a strong interest in wellbeing having completed certificates in fitness and nutrition, and is currently completing his final year of a Bachelor of Business and Behavioural Science (Psychology) double degree.