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 We focus on supporting our clients to develop wellbeing and other 'healthy mind, healthy living strategies' to thrive at home, at work and in every area of their lives.

We do this by applying over 20 years of combined experience in science, positive psychology, meditation, mindfulness, clinical hypnotherapy and wellness mentoring.

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No matter whether you're an individual looking to support your mental wellbeing or broader personal growth, or a business looking to support your employees, we have a program to suit you.


Building your mental and emotional fitness

Whether you’re looking to develop more successful habits, create a positive mindset to achieve your goals or traverse life’s challenges with greater ease, the Empowerment Series is your daily toolkit designed to support your positive mental and emotional fitness.



A program for deep personal growth

Create and implement your optimal operating system with Elevation. Through mastery of your thoughts, emotions and actions, become your highest and best you. Designed to help you connect with and explore the best parts of yourself and move towards living an extraordinary life.



Building a mentally empowered workforce

Designed for organisations to enable their employees to build resilience and enhance their positive mindset which fosters increases in productivity, engagement and staff retention. Thriving Minds builds strong mental fitness not just at work, but in an employee's life as a whole.


Client Love


Melissa - Account Manager

"My first session was after the near drowning of my son. I can’t explain the incredible sadness and grief I felt when we were told he was unlikely to regain consciousness and that he would be mentally challenged. Thankfully my son made it through, but no matter what I did I was unable to deal with the sadness, grief, emotions and negative thoughts that remained. Working with Iswara has changed my life. Through their guidance and support I’ve released these emotions and I can now talk about my son’s near death experience without any sadness attached. Iswara helped me find my strength to cope and to move forward with my life."

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Sarah - Spa Trainer

"My time with Iswara has been nothing short of astonishing. They have brought my awareness to my thought process and the flow on effect it creates. They’ve helped me recognise the signs of fear and taught me to apply tools to my way of thinking that will help me maintain an even approach, stop the mind, calm the beast in your chest and the fear in your belly."

Caroline - Senior HR Manager

"Iswara has helped me grow to be and understand what it is to be the true version of myself. You have taught me how to use my mind in a more positive and healthy way that benefits my health and has a positive impact on others around me."