Happier life - Five reasons why connecting within will help

Taking the time to connect to your inner self has so many benefits, but in our busy lives it’s often the very last thing we prioritise.

One of the roadblocks we can put in the way is thinking that connecting to your inner self has to look a certain way. We don’t need to wait until we go on a yoga retreat, or carve out hours in our day to sit in a meditation pose to reap the rewards of more peace and happiness in our lives.

Connecting to yourself can be simply taking a walk in nature, focusing on your breath, using mindfulness techniques to focus on the present moment or spending 5-10 minutes meditating. Every little bit counts.

Here are five reasons to start connecting to your inner self:

  1. Connecting creates more space in your mind between the normal chatter. When you have more space, you start to hear better solutions to the challenges you may be facing.
  2. You become an observer of your thoughts and actions. When you begin to observe, you recognise your default thoughts and behaviours and have the opportunity to choose new ones that create better outcomes for yourself, and for others.
  3. Bring more calm and focus to stressful situations. Taking a few deep breaths before you speak or react can make all the difference to how you deal with challenging situations. 
  4. You remove limiting beliefs that no longer serve you as they are recognised more clearly and you can choose to let them go to create new beliefs that help you in your life.
  5. You become the best version of yourself by understanding more about who you are, what’s important to you and the life you want to create which not only helps yourself, but also helps others by allowing it to flow into your relationships and everything you do.


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