Our Vision is:

to enhance the way that people interact with the world by harnessing the power of their mind.” 

Our Passion 

We've all heard the term - "do you live what you preach?" - the answer for us is ABSOLUTELY!

Iswara's highly experienced team have backgrounds in clinical practice, research, positive psychology, leadership, mentoring and actuarial consulting. Our depth and breadth of experience, combined with our passion for empowering people to use their mind effectively, is what drives us to providing innovative and proven solutions for our clients. 

Our mental faculty is without question incredibly powerful, but how much time do we spend training and fine tuning its capabilities?

“What we think determines what happens to us, so if we want to change our lives, we need to stretch our minds.” 
Wayne Dyer

Iswara Programs

Iswara has a strong foundation in scientific research and clinical practice to create mental and emotional fitness programs which enhance wellbeing.

These programs are segmented to the needs of an employer or individual as outlined below.


Building a mentally empowered workforce

Proven results in empowering employees to build resilience, reduce stress and improve
overall wellbeing.



Mental and emotional fitness for individuals

An effective toolkit designed to support  mental and emotional fitness in everyday life.


As featured in

Darren - Chief Executive Officer

"We have been using the Thriving Minds program for the past 12 months and have had fantastic feedback and results across our organisation.

Iswara’s practices are simple and effective for anyone to learn and can easily be incorporated in everyday life to be more productive, feel more relaxed when having a stressful day and just generally feel better."

Caroline - Chief People Officer

"Iswara has helped me grow to be and understand what it is to be the true version of myself. You have taught me how to use my mind in a more positive and healthy way that benefits my health and has a positive impact on others around me."

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