Thriving Minds

Support your employees in effectively managing day-to-day stresses and becoming more resilient


This unique program has been specifically designed in response to scientific research around the impact of stress, anxiety and modern day pressures on our mental health and overall wellbeing.

Supporting Organisations

The success of a business is driven by the people it employs. From business owners, executives, management to individual employees, we all relate to the challenges of life and the impact it can have on our wellbeing.

Supporting a culture of employee wellbeing boosts employee productivity and increases business profitability, alongside the positive impact it has on the lives of employees.

Building on the foundation of our highly successful Empowerment Series, Iswara takes the time to work with organisations and their culture to tailor a suitable mental wellbeing engagement program. Whether it be specific topics such as coping with stress or building mental resilience, we can deliver effective workshops, webinars or other learning modalities alongside a simple to access digital program to ensure your employees are developing 'thriving minds'.

Empowerment Practices focusing on meditation, breathing, mindfulness and other intervention techniques to bring about a
greater sense of calm in your life

When I was struggling with anxiety my initial reaction was that I shouldn’t be feeling this way and I’m not allowed to feel this way. Iswara, through their amazing work, helped me reconcile these emotions with the best parts of myself. My experience with them has taught me that even when I felt my anxiety was overwhelming me, I was still doing everything right. I’m now a stronger person and continue to learn from Iswara's wisdom.

Eden - Quality Assurance Associate



Empowerment Series Access

Each employee has their own secure login to Iswara's Empowerment Series offering over 40 guided practices. This highly successful program has been developed to help individuals create successful habits, develop a positive mindset to achieve their goals or traverse life’s challenges with greater ease. The Empowerment Series is a simple daily toolkit designed for organisations to support their most valuable asset, their people.

'Healthy Mind' Engagement

It's important that employers recognise the role they can play in supporting a workforce with healthy and positive minds. To supplement the digital tools available to employees via the Empowerment Series, we can also tailor a range of workshops or webinars to suit the needs of your workforce.

Individual Mentoring

Whether it's to get the absolute best out of your C-Suite team, or to support specific employees given their role in the organisation, individual mentoring enables a fully personalised approach in getting the absolute best out of your people.

You have brought the light in times of dark. You’ve helped me professionally & personally and I am grateful every day you are in my life.

Robyn - CEO

Mentally I am happier, calmer, patient, which is reflected into the rest of my family. I also understand a little more about who I am, although there is still some more work to do here. I am getting the things I need in place to go back to work.

Charlene - Project Manager